Autumn Eve dot com is an "umbrella" for a variety of creative and creative-business ventures. At any given time I am pursuing one or more projects in the visual arts, performance, and the written word. This includes (but isn't limited to) theatre, film, music, graphic design, marketing strategy, and fine art photography.

Kat O'Connor (that would be me) has been playing in creativity since she was old enough to hold a crayon. I am actively involved in a number of creative and creative-professional organizations in Chicago: DigitalEve Chicago, the PhotoCOOP, Chicago Actors in Film, as well as the Chicagoland theatre community and others. I have been a creative professional of one sort or another since 1998, and a dedicated amateur prior to that. I have worked for a variety of creative firms and organizations, including Arc Worldwide and Demi & Cooper (visual design and marketing), n.u.f.a.n. Ensemble and Calik Productions (theatre / film), Terra Mysterium (theatre, photography), the Suspicious Clowns (photography), and the Life Force Arts Center (photography, email marketing).