American Medical Association Medical Student Section Outreach Program Recruiter Update
September 2015
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Dear %%First_Name_%%,

Thank you for your dedication to the American Medical Association Medical Student Section Outreach Program (MSSOP). By leading the peer-to-peer recruiting efforts at your school, you are actively helping to shape the future of medicine.

Recruiter Update emails will be sent monthly to include recruiter reminders and resources to assist your recruiting efforts.

Office Hours with MSSOP and MRC on Jan. 11

MSSOP Recruiters will have the opportunity to ask questions to MSSOP staff and Membership and Recruitment Committee (MRC) members regarding their upcoming Spring Recruitment plans. MSSOP staff will be available to answer questions about the benefits of AMA membership, incentives, commission and other topics. MRC members will provide support to MSSOP staff, as well as address concerns about recruitment, ideas for events and more.

Register today for MSSOP and MRC Office Hours on Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. EST.

Recruit and engage your classmates with AMA-sponsored events in the spring

Encourage the first-year students to join the AMA by leveraging the incentive (Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards or Rapid Review Pathology, free with a four-year membership), and promote the member benefits that are useful in all years of medical school.

Host events and meetings throughout the spring to keep the students engaged. Share upcoming AMA Medical Student Section opportunities, including the Region Meetings and AMA Medical Student Advocacy Day, March 5 – 6 in D.C.

Apply for recruitment funding with Section Involvement Grants

Reminder: All sections are eligible for funding through the Section Involvement Grant program to support recruitment, retention, community service, section development or educational events.

Some event ideas include:

  • AMA recruitment social–Host an event for the first-year students and encourage current members to bring a non-member. Invite upperclassmen so the first-year students can learn how the AMA has helped them succeed in medical school.
  • Study break recruitment drive–Offer food and share AMA updates with the students and promote membership to the non-members.
  • Skills learning lab–First-year students can have the opportunity to learn the skills of suturing, intubation, drawing blood and starting an intravenous access line.
  • Medicine today speaker–Host a practicing physician speaker to discuss medicine beyond the textbook and how the AMA works for the issues facing medicine (make the request through your medical school, state medical society or the AMA).
Share recent articles with your fellow classmates

Help your classmates stay informed! Share the following articles and post to your local section's AMA Facebook page.

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If you have questions or need assistance, please reference the MSSOP Guide or contact the AMA MSSOP staff at


Vanessa Prieto
Physician Outreach Retention Manager